Support Casa Hogar Moises

When Rebecca and I went to Peru in 2012 and 2014 we met a wonderful group of believers in the city of Pucallpa. At Yo Soy church we observed a bright light for Jesus and a community of believers living out their faith. They challenged us immensely to look at how we live out our christian community here in the US.
We spent a lot of time with a young man named David. He was our translator, and our friend. He has risked his safety, and made many sacrifices to make our missions trips possible in the past. On October 6th he was put in charge of an extremely difficult situation.

The church has been housing 10-13 orphans in a house on their church property for the last 5 years. Last week the orphanage burned to the ground. The kids all made it out of the house safely in the night when the fire started. But, they lost everything. These kids are family. Family for each-other, with their church, their pastor is like their grandfather, and Rebecca and I consider them part of our family.

These children are now living in a rented building and are just beginning to re-build their lives. Rebecca and I know first-hand the devastation of losing most of our personal belongings in a fire. Our hearts are broken for these kids, and we are doing whatever we can to help them through this. We received so much help from family, friends, church and believers we never knew before when we were in need. We feel blessed to turn around and direct love and support to these kids.

Sadly, if the church does not get their living space set back up and get the kids everything they need then there is a possibility the state orphanages will take these kids away from their loving church family.

Please pray. Please consider how you can show support and love to these kids at Casa Hogar Moises. A short note of encouragement, a drawing from a child, a few dollars. It’s all incredibly precious and valuable in a situation like this.

Tim and Rebecca

More information coming soon.
Please email if you have questions about how to help.